E-readers + feminist theory??

I’m thinking about getting myself a Kindle with my tax return (I mean, that interest-free loan I allow the government to take from my paycheck). Something to wean me off of internet feminism, you know?

Anyway, I just was reviewing the feminist theory category of available Kindle books on Amazon and, while I saw a few choice titles, I’m not really feeling inspired.

Do any of you feminists have a Kindle that you use for feminist-theory-reading purposes?

Do you know of other feminist titles that Amazon hasn’t added to this list that I, or other feminists, might enjoy?

Do you recommend another e-reader that has a better variety of feminist themed works than the Kindle does?

Thank you in advance for any thoughts you’re willing to share!!



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18 responses to “E-readers + feminist theory??

  1. anarchofeministcrafts

    I have a Kindle I’d hoped to do much feminist reading on, and as you’ve discovered, haven’t really been able to.

    Dworkin’s Intercourse is on Kindle which is happily surprising given how much else isn’t, but I already have it and read it on paper. Metzl’s Prozac on the Couch isn’t theory but it’s an interesting take on sexism and psychotropics, Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender is available for Kindle as well and a really important read.

    I’m reading Feminism and Pornography on it right now (many essays from many of the usual suspects) and it’s both 1. expensive and 2. a bit disgustingly sex-positive.


    I am reading The Spinster and Her Enemies by Sheila Jeffreys! AND Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice by Jack Holland! It’s so wonderful.

    And here is the best part: HIGHLIGHTING + twitter.

    Check this. And THIS. I’m so pumped.

  3. Jilla


    I’d like to see this on your list of recommended feminist reading. Archived writing from second wave feminists:

    I’ll eagerly follow your discussions of Radically Speaking, however I won’t be buying it, and can’t find it in a library.

    • Thanks for the wonderful link, Jilla! I will add it to FRG’s “blog roll” later today. In fact, maybe someone can start a thread, for example, on Kate Millet’s Sexual Politics essay…oh, that’s ME. Note to self.

      I realize that that (electronic) book buying may be prohibitive for some willing participants. I will endure the charges of classism and elitism. Fair enough. I am, however, a VERY SLOW reader. So if you end up being able to track down a copy of the book sometime later, there is a good chance I may still be reading it. 🙂 Or that we can revive the conversation at a later date!

  4. Jilla

    I’m a very slow reader too, and in fact use a magnifying glass as much as possible. If you’re discussion is online, I can consult it as I read, whenever. It will be interesting to read what you have to say, nevertheless.

  5. Necrodata Thanatos

    I hope to buy a Kindle 3 today.
    If you have books that are out of copyright, you can turn them into Kindles via Project Gutenberg
    There are 2 free Sappho books on Amazon.

  6. Necrodata Thanatos

    *Sappho Kindles

  7. Necrodata Thanatos

    I am listening to an MP3 of Mary Daly; Waterstones said that none of her books is in print. She died last year. Long wait 😦

  8. Necrodata Thanatos

    I just Googled: feminist kindle books
    I found that most were quite expensive; some cost more than hardbacks and paperback versions. The results came from Amazon.

    They do have some inexpensive Lesbian love stories on Kindle for those who would like these; there is the advantage that nobody can see what you are reading, if you aren’t out yet. I can’t buy any of these, as I don’t have the bankster-plastic, so can’t comment on content.

  9. KatieS

    I am a slow reader, too. I read everytime I have a chance and love the Kindle. I read in line at the grocery store, waiting in a restaurant, etc.

    The books I’d like most in ebook format are Mary Daly’s. But none of them are.

    Betty McLellan had a guest post on radfem hub and one of her books, Psychoppression is on Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Psychoppression-ebook/dp/B004M5HKS4/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1310962038&sr=8-7

    Also, I was very interested in her latest book on women and silence. It is not yet published in the U.S. It is in ebook form, but I don’t think it works on Kindle. However, I cannot afford it from the Aus website right now. I may try to buy it later if they put it in Kindle format. It’s a feminist Australian site Spinifex Press. They have some great books in ebook format.

    Also there are some great reads for free from early feminist writers like Charlotte Perkins Gillman. Interesting to read and discover first wave feminists and their concerns.

    Also Mary Wollstonecraft vindication of the rights of women, which I haven’t yet read, but free.

    Also, if something is in PDF format you can put it on a Kindle and read it that way.

    • KatieS, you are the best!! Thank you so much for compiling and sharing these links!! I have only recently figured out how easy it is to send PDFs of ANYTHING to my kindle as email attachments and VOILA– they are loaded and ready to read! I’ve been sending myself various articles that I find online. I will totally check out the links you posted. Thanks again!!

  10. thebewilderness

    I think they are going to make it possible for the kindle to read epub books pretty soon.
    I have a nook so I get most stuff from the library in epub format. I can also download pdf files and transfer them from the computer to the nook.

  11. Hagocrat

    It’s easy to convert PDFs to kindle format – you email the PDF to your free.kindle.com email address with “CONVERT” in the subject line and hey presto it’s delivered to your kindle as if by magic 🙂
    Another thing: it’s worth finding radfem books on amazon and notifying the publisher that you’d like to read it on the kindle. I guess if enough of us do this publishers will see the sense in reissuing texts as ebooks? It’s worth a go anyway.

  12. Raven

    Do you know about this? Complete works of Andrea Dworkin available for free in PDF, ePUB, and mobi formats:

    RadFem Archive

    Tell everyone else you know who might care….

  13. Some updates on technology. I used to buy books on Amazon in Kindle format. But these can only be used with the Kindle reader. If you have a different device like an Android (Galaxy, Nexus, IPad) the Kindle reader can be used on these, but it is limited. Some of these devices now have text to speech (TTS) capability so your book can be converted to read-aloud. This is helpful if you want to listen to your book while driving or working out or doing other tasks. Also if you are a slow reader due to poor eyesight.

    These devices also have pretty good speech to text (SST), built in as part of the cost. So they are good for writers to blogs.

    The technology is pretty good and the cost of one of these devices with both TTS and STT are less than the software used to be for STT software like Dragon. So for readers and writers who may have problems reading or writing due to reduced eyesight and other problems (like arthritis) they are a boon. During the holiday sales some of the Nexus 7 tablets with these capabilities were available for less than $200 and even $150. Maybe a lot for a toy, but not so much if you are a writer/reader.

    I don’t think the new Kindles, even the Kindle Fire have these capabilities. Doubtless this will change again, but I just wanted to update here.

  14. I meant to add that the Kindle software on other devices (Android, Apple) does not support TTS, so buying the books in non-Kindle format makes more sense. I don’t know which services are best for purchase, but Google has some on Google books. If you are looking to buy a tablet, consider carefully both that it has TTS and that the TTS can be used with the books reader. Not easy to find out, but possible.

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